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Glowing Quicksand iPhone Case

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sky blue

A Magnificent Neon Case That’s Never Boring!

Love neon glow-up? With our Glowing Quicksand iPhone Case, get the protection your phone needs while offering a mesmerizing neon effect that'll have all your friends asking "does that glow in the dark?" to which you'll answer "yes".


  • DAZZLING FLOWING NEON SAND: Fluorescent neon sand flowing in the back of your phone. Inside, the case is made of fluorescent sand and non-toxic liquid Mineral Oil. Just flip your phone over and watch the sand fall. The Phone case glows in the dark and offers fascinating waterfall effects.

  • OFFERS GREAT PROTECTION: Are you using a case that doesn’t protect your phone? Our case protects your phone with full-body protection! It offers shock absorption against dropping. Scratch resistance back, feel free to throw your phone together with other valuable belongings!

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The edge of the phone bumper is made from impact-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and the hard plastic body, this case will withstand some crashes and Bumps. The TPU edge allows you to install the case easily and quickly.

  • SHINES IN THE DARK: A real eye-catcher you definitely won't go unnoticed with this case. The case glows in the dark and offers fascinating waterfall effects. The case is also looking good without the luminous effect.

  • SUPPORTS WIRELESS CHARGING: Our case is designed for Qi-supported phone. Go wireless and charge without having to remove the phone.